USED EQUIPMENT / Refurbished

 For more information about available used grinders or to learn more about the Diamond Z refurbishment program,
please call the office at 208.585.3031.  

Refurbishment is becoming an increasingly attractive option for grinder owners.

Diamond Z Used/Refurbished Equipment quality standards:

  • Thorough inspection process
  • Maintenance history included
  • Ongoing service and support

Refurbishment will provide significant cost savings when compared to buying new.  Cost savings are not the only benefit to refurbishment.   Not only are operators familiar and comfortable with the machines they’ve been using–which eliminates the learning curve associated with new equipment–but they also take pride in taking care of their grinder.  Many operators who have been through the process would agree that seeing their trusty old machine brought back to life had a positive psychological effect. Refurbishment also gives the opportunity to upgrade to the newest available technology via retrofitting. 

       A refurbishment will address every component of a machine: everything from cosmetics  to mechanical and electrical components. The goal is to help the customer by producing equipment that is as close to the original as possible.

  The process starts with an inspection of what is easily visible: paint, tire/tracks, control panels, levers, conveyors, wear plates, tub/feed condition, etc. Then the major mechanical components are addressed: engine, hammer mill, hydraulics, etc. Finally, the focus shifts to electrical and mechanical components that are not easily inspected and need further attention. The end result is a complete analysis of the machine, in and out.